Phillip Rukavina, Lutenist

Educational Classroom Programs:

A Grand Tour A Grand Tour is a concert of Renaissance masterpieces for the solo lute, blended with projections of visual artworks from the period. The result is a multi-media performance rich in historical cultural context for the audience. The paintings, linked to the music by their close proximity in time and place, offer a complimentary perspective into the world of Renaissance Europe and into the music we hear. As A Grand Tour unfolds, seemingly unrelated elements of the sister arts begin to interact, combining to offer a deeper sense of the human experience during Europe’s Renaissance age. Email or call 651-699-1808 for more information.

In Search of Shakespeare's Music In The Search for Shakespeare's Music, students take a journey into the fascinating musical world of William Shakespeare. We'll listen to some of the music Shakespeare used and refers to in his plays and discover how his choices of may have been consciously intended to impart meaning to his audiences, not unlike today's film scores. We'll explore the musical influences that shaped Shakespeare's world, including identifying patrons and likely musical colleagues and acquaintances. We'll explore the various genres of music he used in his plays and look at some of the actual sources that contain the music a Renaissance audience would have heard attending a performance at Shakespeare's Blackfriars and Globe Theatres. Email or call 651-699-1808 for more information.

The World Untun'd The World Untun'd is a journey into the "straunge countrie" that was the world of Elizabethan and Jacobean England at the turn of the 17th-Century. Designed for history, art history, general music and classes on world cultures, the workshop focuses on the life experiences of the famous English lutenist and composer John Dowland. One of England's finest late Renaissance composers and lutenists, John Dowland led a diverse, interesting, and unusually self-revealing life for a Renaissance figure. Widely traveled and possessing a strong personality, Dowland was extremely forthright in expressing his personal opinions and observations in the prefaces of his popular publications of ayres for the lute, as well as in his private correspondence. Dowland's insecurities, perceived poor luck, and notable lack of Elizabethan tact help to put a very human face on life during the tumultuous dawn of the Baroque age in "merry" old England! Email or call 651-699-1808 for more information.

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