Phillip Rukavina, Lutenist


Solo Lute Concert Programs:

A Grand Tour is a concert of early Renaissance masterpieces for the solo lute, blended with projections of visual artworks from the period. The result is a multi-media performance rich in historical cultural context for the audience. The paintings, linked to the music by their close proximity in time and place, offer a complimentary perspective into the world of Renaissance Europe and into the music we hear. As A Grand Tour unfolds, seemingly unrelated elements of the sister arts begin to interact, combining to offer a deeper sense of the human experience during Europe’s Renaissance age.

Clear or Cloudy: The Lute Music of John Dowland One of England's finest late Renaissance composers and lutenists was John Dowland. Dowland led a diverse, interesting, and unusually self-revealing life for a Renaissance musician. Widely traveled and possessed of a strong personality, Dowland was extremely forthright in expressing his personal opinions and observations in the prefaces of his popular publications for the lute, as well as in his private correspondence. Dowland's insecurities, perceived poor luck, and notable lack of Elizabethan tact help to put a very human face on life during the tumultuous dawn of the Baroque age in "merry" old England!

Music From the Age of Discovery features music for the 16th-century Renaissance lute and its Spanish equivalent, the vihuela da mano ("viol of the hand"). During the high Renaissance in Italy and Spain, solo music for the six-course lute and the vihuela da mano was considered one of the most refined expressions of the musical arts. Virtuoso players of these instruments were often considered as national treasures. The music composed for these instruments is simply captivating!

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